Wednesday, April 20, 2011

busy bee

Well this last week or so has been pretty busy around our house. I'm still getting into a routine after my mom's passing, it's hard to realize how much things change. I had my first counseling session this past Monday. My counselor is a very nice older gentleman and it seems like a good fit. It has already helped and I'm looking forward to go back on May 2nd.

Kyle has some time off before deployment so we are trying to make the most of it. We are headed up to Busch Gardens tomorrow for the day with some good friends of ours. We also get to see my brother and his family tomorrow night, they offered to let us stay so we don't have to drive back to NC so late.  Saturday, we are heading to Myrtle Beach! We are looking forward to some time away together to just relax. We have a few things planned already and we can't wait.

I know Easter is going to be hard for my family but we will all make it through. I know my Dad, Lisa and Kylie will have a good day with some family friends (I love you guys!). I am going back to Vegas in June because we are going to be having a celebration of life for my Mom. It will be great to get together with family and friends to share good memories.

I probably won't update again until after we get back from the beach, so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Easter!!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well...thinking about you!!!

  2. So sad to hear about your mom passing. I can't imagine how it would be. My husband lost his stepfather this year, and that was difficult enough.

    I just found your blog today. It's really wonderful and I will be following.


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