Thursday, March 17, 2011

keeping busy

It has been about 2 weeks since my hubby left and thankfully I have been keeping myself busy. Between get togethers with friends and conquering spring cleaning the days are flying by (thank goodness).

 In about a week I will be getting on a plane and flying to Phoenix to see my Mom and Dad. My Mom started her radiation today for the cancer in her brain and she will continue to have it for 9 more days. I will finally be able to see where she is being treated and meet all of the wonderful people who have taken amazing care of her. I will spend 6 wonderful days with her and I can't wait!! My Dad sent me and my sister this picture of her (in her new wig):


Not long after I get back, Kyle will be home!! We have also decided to postpone the party for his birthday (we both have so much going on) and we decided we can do it at a later time. He has some time off at the end of April and we are planning to go here for a day with some friends of ours:

Woo Hoo!!!

Then for 3 or 4 days we will be heading off to Myrtle Beach. We love going there to relax and have a good time. We both are needing it and looking forward to some down time together. We stay in the same hotel everytime and this will be our view:

Oh, I can't wait!!

 I will try to blog before I head off to Phoenix, but not sure how much available time I will have. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!

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  1. Have a fantastic time with your family! Your mom looks so good. She's a strong lady!


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