Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Journey

Well, starting December 30th Kyle and I will embark on a new chapter in our quest to have children. I met with my doctor today and he agreed that IUI is our best option for a baby. I was set up with all my medication and will start at the end of the month. If everything goes right I will have the procedure the first or second week of January. We are soooo beyond excited to get this going!!

As I mentioned yesterday my sister was going in for a follow up ultrasound. Thankfully the baby is doing well and is scheduled to arrive on July 21, 2011!! Yay!!!

We are still waiting on the results from my moms MRI, we may not know for a few days. So please keep the prayers coming, they are soo appreciated!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. How exciting for you and your husband! Awesome news about your sister and will continue praying for your mother!

  2. Awesome! Praying for y'all, and that you will be blessed with a bundle of joy soon. I noticed your sister and I share the same due date. Too cool! Praying for your mom, too.

  3. good luck with the baby making!! :D
    You will be in my prayers. and thanks for your comment. :)

  4. YAY!!! Good luck- prayers for everyone! IUI's will definatley give you better odds! Are you doing injectibles or Clomid?

  5. That's awesome!!! Praying for your family in every situation!!!


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