Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love dress shopping!!

I mentioned the other day that we have the St. Barbara's Day Ball in December, well Kyle came home the other day and said to me "So yea we have the Division Ball in December." So thats means two formals back to back, yippee! I already have one dress that I bought a few months ago because I couldn't pass it up and it gives me a reason to get myself back into shape. Now I get to go dressing shopping for another, here is the dress I bought a few months ago:

These pictures don't do the dress justice at all, it really is beautiful! I am on the hunt now for a red dress for the St. Barbara's Day Ball. I am going back to Vegas around Thanksgiving so hopefully I can get lucky and find something there. This will be out last time attending this formal as Kyle will no longer be Field Artillery after June. I found this dress online and I may try to find something similar:

Well, I better get off here have to figure something out for dinner before we leave for Kyle's soccer practice, speaking of they are off to a good start. They won their first game on Thursday 2-1. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. good luck finding a dress! The red one you like is really pretty, hopefully they'll have something like it!

  2. That's so pretty! Our St. Barbara's in Oct and I have YET to find a dress that I'm in love with that doesn't require me to rob a bank.

  3. That dress is gorgeoussssss! I just went dress shopping today for our Ball in Feb and was successful : )

  4. I love dress shopping! Your dress is so pretty - i love it!

  5. Hey! My sister wore the red one to her prom (in blue) last year!! I have more photos of it if you'd like to see them! :D


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