Friday, June 25, 2010

Change of scenery?! I wish....

I am sitting here watching it storm outside, really?! The one thing I dislike about NC is the unpredictable weather, one minute it is bright and sunny...the next pouring down rain! This is the time of the year in the Army when people typically get new orders and leave. Not us, we are here for atleast another 2 years (thanks to Kyle being branch detail), he won't officially become MI until next year. So that means no leaving here for Arizona until 2012. I am ready for a change, it will be nice to be in Arizona even if it is only for 5 months. We have already been talking about where we want to go after his career course, here is what we are thinking:

1. Fort Lewis, Washington

2. Fort Carson, Colorado

3. Fort Campbell, Kentucky

We are REALLY wanting Washington but of course will be happy with anything from his wishlist. Only a few years before we find out haha.

* I figured I would post an update on my infertility struggles. I officially start Clomid tomorrow, we are super excited to begin this process and hopefully we will have a successful outcome! We are keeping our fingers crossed!!!

* I talked to my Mom earlier today and she seems to be doing ok after her first round of chemo last week. They really started her out heavy with a total of 11 hours of chemo spanning over 3 days. She has had a rough time keeping food down but everyday it is getting a little better. She will head back down to Arizona on July 6th for another round of chemo, lets hope it is working!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Good luck with starting the clomid. I still have your family in my prayers and I hope you have a great weekend and it stops raining for you guys!

  2. I'm in KY, and the weather is always unpredictable here too!

  3. I would love to move to Washington, I hope you get to move there... Good luck with the meds and I'm glad your mom is starting to feel better!

  4. We weren't stationed at Lewis, but the hubby grew up in chehalis, wa which is like a 20 minute drive I think it was. Anyways when we went to visit family last summer it was HOT. OMGee after spending the summer down in OR with 60 and below temps, going up there to 90's was pure heaven. The base was cute.

    Not sure about Campbell but here at Knox, the weather is just as unpredictable. One day it'll rain the next day sunny. One moment sun the next it's storming. This week it poured on him when in the field and I stayed dry as my laundry hanging on the line. Go figure.

  5. I too know the joys of NC weather all too well. Hope everything goes well with your starting process...I'm hoping your dreams come true. Still praying for your mom & family! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. We have a couple of the same posts on our wish list! :)

  7. You've got a lot going on! Good luck with Clomid. I will have to go back and read about what has been going on. I'm thinking I'm headed that route soon.

  8. Glad your mom is doing well! Good luck with the clomid.

    Ft Lewis seems to be a really nice post. I like Washington, except for the lack of sun. I think P will have it on his list after his career course as well, but will also include Ft. Campbell, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning, and Ft. Carson, I think. I told him I wouldn't mind going to Texas too, but we haven't talked much more about that recently.

    Although if you guys get out here in 2012, chances are, I won't be here. :(


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