Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's only Tuesday?!

I feel like Kyle and I have been going 90 miles a minute getting things situated for our move, I know it's not for a month but it's amazing everything that needs to get done. Here is a quick run down of what we have been to lately:

* We scheduled our inspection with the movers, they will come on May 3rd and see how much stuff we have. They will use that info to decide how big of a truck to bring and all that good stuff. We are trying to get rid of things (that we don't need) to make the move as quick as possible.

* We are slowly cleaning and getting little things taken care of, that way we won't be scrambling at the last minute to get things done. We have our pre-inspection with Picerne Housing on May 10th (they will give us pointers on what we need to worry about). We get our keys June 1st and the movers come on June 2nd and possibly the 3rd if they need to. I am beyond ready for more space!

*Sunday night as Kyle and I were about to watch something on netflix, his PS3 decided it wanted to stop working! Instead of dealing with the hassle of sending it in and paying for service we decided to just buy a new one. Best Buy, Game Stop, and Walmart were all SOLD OUT! Really?! So me being the nice wife that I am haha, I decided to look on bestbuy.com, they had one but it was at the Best Buy in Aberdeen, NC, an HOUR away, I bought it and we drove out there last night to pick it up..I guess it isn't all bad since now I have my netflix back.

*Kyle is part of a JFEX tonight for work so he will be gone from 1:30pm-1am...which is actually ok with me. I get to come home, not worry about making dinner at a certain time and relax on the couch. It's nice to have Me time every now and then. He won't actually be jumping tonight just acting as a Jump Master, so that eases my nerves a little bit.

*Kyle's birthday is next week so I have been getting his gifts and trying to decide what to do the night of. I'm sure we will figure something out. I know we are going to Kings Dominion an awesome amusement park in Virginia with a few friends. We are really excited!

Well that's all for now, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!

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