Friday, August 21, 2009

A Home of Our Own!!

After much discussion, Kyle and I have decided to start looking for our first house here in NC. We decided that its time to move out of post housing and have a place we can really call home. As much as we love living on post, we feel its time to move on. We are really excited to start looking and hopefully we will be meeting with a realtor tomorrow. This time last year we were certain we would only be in NC for a year and a half maybe a little longer, but now that Kyle has made the decision to put in his Psyops package, we will be here for atleast another 3-4 years. We are both very excited to start looking at homes, hopefully we will find something we both love!!

Less than one month before I head to Vegas to visit family, time has flown by since I booked my ticket in March! I am looking forward to seeing everyone!! :)

Not much else has been happening around here, with me working now and Kyle busy with his job we are both drained at the end of the day and are enjoying doing nothing! :)

Hopefully soon I will have good news to share about the house hunting!

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