Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February!

Wow! This year is flying by! I thought it was time to update our blog. Its February 1st and a lot has been going on in our house lately. On Tuesday Feb 3rd, Kyle will be doing the PT test for the Pre-Ranger Course, and he couldnt be more excited. So when he passes that he will enter the Pre-Ranger Course which will last 3 weeks here at Fort Bragg. Since Kyle will most likely be gone for Valentines Day, so we celebrated it together yesterday. We had a great day of shopping for his prc equipment, exchanging gifts, going bowling and enjoying a great dinner together! I was very excited because Kyle got me bowling shoes for Valentines Day!!! :) I have been wanting them for a long time!! :) I got Kyle custom made fortune cookies dipped in chocolate and also a Build-A-Bear Monkey dressed in Army Gear named Martin haha. :) I will keep everyone updated with information regarding the results of Kyles PT test. :)

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