Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Tattoo!!

Tonight, I went with a friend so she could get her first tattoo. While we sat and waited I was feeling in the spirit and decided to get another (totally spur of the moment). 

20 minutes later here is what I ended up with:

 The initials are obviously my amazing husbands!!!

(the orange spots will go away (blood lol) this was taken literally after it was finished lol)

It is on the back of my neck and I have to say it was the least painful tattoo I have ever gotten. I love it!! 


  1. Oh, I like it! What other tattoos do you have? I have a four leaf clover on my right hip and I want to get another one. I'm thinking a cross on my back, but I like the idea of it being on the back of my neck. It's definitely something to think about.


Love hearing from you!! :)