Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun!!

Well the year is half gone and it keeps getting better and better. On June 21st, Kyle and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary!! The night before we hung out with my best friends Des and Kristina and Des's husband, Chris. We celebrated with them at midnight for our anniversary! We had dinner at Olive Garden and went to the movies and saw "The Hangover", it was an overall great night!!

I received an exciting call last week from a real estate law firm, wanting to interview me for a receptionist position. I was soo excited and I interviewed with them, hopefully I will hear something back next week!!

This Sunday is finally Des and Chris's wedding, there has been so much planning, it will be amazing to see how perfect the day will be!! It will be such a wonderful day full of awesome people!!! :)

The following week, Kyle's mom and dad will be here for a few days to visit, and hopefully I will hear something about the job! Yay!! :)

AS far as Emma, she is still on 3 different medications trying to regulate the enzymes in her liver. She will go back to the vet on July 17th to have her liver tested. We are hoping for good results. I will keep everyone updated!!!

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  1. Hey! I have been sooo out of the blog loop, sorry :/ I have some catching up to do...Happy LATE Anniversary to you both! Also, did you get that job? And how is your little dog doing?


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