Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Wonderful Christmas!

Well, it is now a week until we leave for Las Vegas to be with our families for Christmas. So, today we did our Christmas together. It started out this morning unwrapping our gifts, believe me we are both very spoiled. :) We had gotten little gifts for our dog and cat, treats and toys of course. Watching them both trying to unwrap them out of the tissue paper was priceless. I made waffles for breakfast, Kyle can never say no to waffles :) It was very special days us which was capped off by us going bowling. Now for those of you who dont know this, Kyle and I go bowling every Saturday, this is our tradition that we have made. We both bought each other a bowling ball for Christmas :) Well, this pretty much sums up our Christmas together. We are excited to be in Vegas next weekend. I will update again half way through our trip!! :) Merry Christmas!!

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