Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

We finally got SNOW!

Of course people here treat it as if the world is ending, but its fun nonetheless. Post is pretty much closed down so I am staying in and watching movies all day, I love days like this.

I am hearing from Kyle on a somewhat regular basis which is really nice. He is doing well, he said he has become a haven for mosquito bites haha. They are just delivering food, water and medical supplies to wherever they are needed, they are interacting with the people a lot and they all are responding with so much joy that they are there. Still no timeframe for when they will be home, but I am so proud for all that they are doing.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unexpected Deployment: Haiti

   All I can say is WOW! So much has happened and changed since my last blog. We all are aware of the devastating earthquake that happened in Haiti, Kyle's unit was called to deploy in support of the relief effort. Kyle was in the field when he got the call that they had to be ready. They pulled everyone back in and began preparing, shortly after units from 2nd Brigade began deploying. It was very quick and almost unexpected, but as we were aware they could deploy at a moments notice with being on the GRF (global response force). It took several days for a lot of the units to get vehicles and supplies ready but on Friday January 22nd, Kyle boarded a plane and headed to Haiti. As much as I miss him I know what he is a part of is so amazing and I am soo proud of him and all of 2BCT. Right now we aren't sure as to how long they will be gone, they said it could be 2 weeks but prepare for 6 months, it's just unknown.

 He was able to call yesterday for a few minutes, thank goodness for the MWR phones. He let me know that he was safe and he had already been out delivering supplies and water. It warms my heart knowing that he is doing great things. It meant everything to just hear his voice.

 Thank you so much for all the love and support everyone has shown. It means so much to us! Our families and friends are the best! I will keep everyone posted as much as I can.

Sending love and support to all of 2BCT, but especially to Kyle and our Black Falcon family! <3 my soldier!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 and more training...

Well what a way to start 2010! Kyle has been so busy with training that we have barely seen much of each other. He is in the field this week with guys that are shooting, so he is working with the radar stuff. He will leaving on Monday to go to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky for 3 weeks. He will be helping train soldiers that are about to deploy. I know he will enjoy the experience but I will definitely miss him. I have made myself a list of things I want to do while he is gone, I will definitely keep busy!! Well, it's about time for me to head off to bed! I will update more soon, goodnight!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

Happy New Year!!! Wow, 2010 is officially here. 2009 just flew by and I couldn't be happier that it's over, we had a few bumps in the road throughout the year and we can't wait to see what 2010 holds for us!

We spent a very quiet Christmas at home here in NC, we opened gifts in the morning, skyped with our awesome families and then had a nice dinner with our friend, Kristina. We got up on Saturday morning ran a few errands before heading off to VA and DC. We stayed with Kyle's Uncle Tommy and Aunt Sharon, we had a great time! Their daughter Brie and her boyfriend, Brian were in town and it was great to spend time with them. We spent 3 days exploring DC and just enjoying the time away from work. We saw all the monuments and memorials. By far my favorite part was the Arlington National Cemetary. It was such a humbling experience for me, being married to a soldier and my dad having served in the Air Force, it makes me soo thankful. The men and women that are buried there are the reason we enjoy the freedoms we do. We headed home on Wednesday and it was great to get back home to our animals. That brings me to New Years Eve, we did some shopping and had Kristina over to play some Wii games and ring in the New Year. It was a lot of fun!

Now it's Saturday, and we had a day and a half before we head back to work. We have had a wonderful 2 weeks off spending time together and relaxing! Let's hope for a wonderful 2010!!