Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What a busy month it has already been! Kyle and I have been so busy these last few weeks time is flying by and we are realizing that Christmas is already next week!! Kyle is finally done with Change of Command inventories and will be taking his position as a Platoon Leader, well almost done, the Change of Command ceremony is taking place as I'm typing this. I wish I could be there but unfortunately I had to work. Captain Coulter and his wife Melanie will officially be in command of HHB.

On Saturday, we have the St. Barbara's Day ball and we had such a great time!! We sat with Capt. Coulter his wife Melanie, Graves, Jody and Cheif Morgan and his wife, Julie. We danced a little, took pictures and enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Kyle was a part of the Ceremony of the Neophyte Gunners, he had to drink from the yummy grog bowl, haha. He said it wasn't so bad. Overall it was a great night!!

This week has been inundated with holiday parties! We had HHB's Christmas Party yesterday and it was so much fun! Our friend Graves dressed up as Santa and the fire department brought him in on a firetruck with the lights and sirens going! It was great! Kyle had helped organize most of it and it turned our great. We even won a Black Falcon/Artillery jersey, awesome! Tonight it my works Christmas Dinner, we are all meeting at Miyabi's, a Japanese Steakhouse here in Fayetteville, it should be a lot of fun!

Starting Friday Kyle will be on leave for 2 weeks and he is sooo looking forward to it! My vacation starts Christmas Eve until the 4th! Yay for time off!! I will try and update this before Christmas Day, if I don't get a chance to...everyone have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

18 Days until Christmas!

Christmas 2009 is almost here!!! I love this time of year, I love decorating, baking and spending time with family and friends! Unfortunately this year we won't be going to Vegas but we now have Skype so we can talk and see each other which is awesome!!! It is amazing to "see" our families and not just hear them on the phone.

We have so much going on in the next few weeks, it will be busy! Kyle is in the field all week which work, so it will be just me at home. As much as I love him, it's always nice to have time alone. We have the St. Barbara's Ball this Saturday and I am so excited!!! I love getting dressed up, Kyle not so much haha. Next week is HHB's Christmas party, it should be a lot of fun!!

Hopefully I will get a chance to update this after the ball and post some pictures. :) Have a great week!